About Me!!

From a high school graduate, to part-time Zip guide and part-time traveller.


Growing up in Australia for me, I spent a lot of time travelling. However, it mainly was just family holidays, and annual holiday spots. Throughout all of my school life all I seemed to hear about, was fellow students rattling off how many countries they’ve been too and how many times they’ve visited them. And here I was, never left the country, and never held a passport. Although, I was one of the few to be able to say I’ve travelled my own country.

I put up with this throughout all of school, but once the whispers of graduation began drifting around the hallways, my mind was set on travelling. Travelling my home town, travelling Australia and travelling overseas, I didn’t really care where, I just wanted to go. Everyone then started talking about there Schoolies trips. So I walked into a travel agent and booked a holiday, my schoolies trip, my end of schooling celebrations. That holiday being my first Topdeck Trip on the 8-day Outback Gem trip in Outback Australia, starting in Adelaide and finishing in Alice Springs. This trip changed my life, from the people I met, experiences I faced. Whatever it may be, from that point forward all I wanted to do was travel, adventure, see the world, and meet new people.

Being an 19 year old I have been very fortunate with work. I picked up a job in 2013 and have worked ever since. But working has also been a downside to wanting to travel. There have been many times where i’ve had to put work first, and travelling last. But since finishing school, I have plenty of time on my hand. And trust me, its going to change his year.

I know, so cliché, but 2017 is finally the year for me to get off my butt, start planning and begin travelling. Whether that means leaving the state, going overseas, or just day trips and road trips, exploring what Australia has to offer.


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